Wedding Videography in New Zealand (Yulia and Yury)

Yulia & Yury

Wanaka, New zealand

You couldn't imagine a more magical place to say "I do", than being picked up by helicopter and dropped off on top of a mountain in Wanaka, New Zealand. We all caught up in earlier in Queenstown and all around us the smell of wood fires filled the crisp air. Before long, we had our plan. Elope on the top of Wanaka's highest mountains via helicopter. Yury couldn't countain himself once the ceremony was over, finally letting out a "woo!" before kissing Yulia. We've since been back to this beautiful mountain and town a handful of times, and each time you feel that same sense of magic.

"It was cold, but we were bathed in warm sunlight. As my wife said I do, I could see snow gently falling. Saying yes to a life with my wife on top of that mountain took my breath away."