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If you're looking for a wedding videographer, wedding photographer or wedding videography service, you've come to the right place. While we refer to ourselves as wedding videographers and photographers, we actually offer so much more than simple wedding videography or photography, we offer wedding videography and photography with a difference.

Max filming a wedding

As wedding cinematographers and photographers we don't just ‘video your wedding’, or take simple photos, we capture priceless moments and memories. We use cinematic quality imagery combined with a documentary style of storytelling to create a spellbinding wedding film and wedding photos that you can't stop looking at. A set of photos and a ‘forever film’ that will ignite memories and infuse magic into any moment of any day, for the rest of your days - allowing you to fall in love again and again. With our photography, we want you to cherish your photos. Put them up on the fridge, flood your family and friends on Facebook and Instagram and look at them again and again in your wedding photo album. We want to capture your excitement and your love.

View our stunning wedding cinematography highlight films and wedding photography. Be captivated. Be moved. Be entertained.

Why choose Marry Me Movies for your wedding photography and wedding cinematography services?

Peace of mind. You will love your wedding photos and film

We are experienced, sought-after wedding cinematographers and photographers who make premium, cinematic wedding films and create amazing wedding photos. We've worked with high profile broadcasters and publishers who only work with the best industry professionals. Find out more.

Reassurance. We are in demand

Your biggest reassurance about the quality of our photos and wedding films and the excellence of our customer service is that we're generally booked out in advance. If you'd like to use our wedding photography and cinematography services, now is the time to get in touch.

We're candid. You don't pose. We won't impose

A wedding is a day-long love story that naturally unfurls and unfolds. As wedding photographers and cinematographers, we know our place. We are there to capture your priceless story, not to orchestrate, interrupt or direct it. Find out more.

Drone cinematography: experience a view with WOW!

We're one of Australia's first wedding film makers to offer aerial drone cinematography, taken by our own in-house licensed pilot. Get a never-before-seen bird's eye view of your wedding. This is cinematography at its most splendid.

Our experience

We're in demand for a reason. We've worked with the following high-profile broadcasters. Our experience is your peace of mind.

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