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Why Wedding Cinematography Is Important

Wedding photography and wedding videography work hand in hand to provide captivating, complete memories of your day.

Wedding photography is vital. So too is wedding videography. Here's why.

Rather than just reminiscing, relive your day.

Wedding photography and wedding videography belong together. They're like two peas in a pod, two people doing the tango and two soulmates getting married. You can't successfully have one without the other.

Wedding photography captures spectacular still images of particular moments that can be placed on the wall or in an album and be reminisced over for life. A wedding video on the other hand captures an entire scene, allowing you not only to reminisce about snapshots in time, but to relive the entire day.

A photograph of both of you exchanging your vows is beautiful, but in years to come, will you remember the beautiful words you said to each other? The tone of your voices? The gentle break of a sentence when emotion overcame you?

Wedding videos trigger your five senses, memories and emotions like no other medium can; coupled with wedding photography, they provide complete memories of your wedding day. Watch Amber and Rick's wedding to get a feeling.

Amber Romero // Facebook Review

Having a videographer was a last minute decision for us, but thankfully we found the awesome guys at Marry Me Movies! Now, we couldn't imagine not having gorgeous video of the best day of our lives. Thank you to the team, from the bottom of our hearts, for creating such a gorgeous keepsake that we can't stop sharing with our families and friends!

Capture memories in the most exquisite and spectacular way possible

Some of our biggest fans and greatest advocates are couples who, prior to seeing our films had only seen ‘bad’ wedding videos, or heard terrible stories about amateurish wedding videography. Below is an email we received recently:

Jaime Barsley // Email Feedback

We were not interested in having a videographer after seeing all the iPhone quality wedding videos on other videography websites... You were basically our final, "Why not? Let's take a look". I am so happy to say that you have changed our mind!

As wedding cinematographers we don't just ‘point and shoot’. We don't simply record movements, we capture memories. Not only that, we layer these memories with your unique backstory in order to create a documentary-style film, which will remind you of your love story for the rest of your lives. See what we mean by watching just a few minutes of Alix and Mike's wedding highlight video.

Michelle Chambers // Facebook Review

It was a pleasure working with Marry Me Movies right from the very beginning until the end. They were extremely professional throughout, happily answered any and all questions, were quick to respond and of course produced the most amazing wedding highlights video! Our videographer had a lovely presence and captured beautiful, natural shots. Thank you for providing us with such a fantastic experience and stunning film we will treasure forever!

Give your children the gift of ‘attending’ your wedding

Imagine your children (and their children in many years to come) being able to sit in the front row seats at your ceremony and reception, watching your day unfold and being part of the proceedings; hearing you pledge your love for each other, laughing at the jokes, witnessing the good (or terrible!) dancing. This is the first chapter of your family's story, one they weren't around to witness, but can still be fortunate enough to enjoy.

It's one thing to show your children photographs of your big day, but quite another to let them relive it right alongside you.

Please remember, we will never share your private info with third-parties.

Why simply have high quality pictures, when you can have high quality moving pictures that provide a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experience?

There was a time when people thought videography / cinematography couldn't match the quality of photographs. Many years ago that may have been true, but technology and innovation have ensured that video cameras match the quality of photographs, which means you're left with brilliant stills from your wedding photographer, and spectacular moving images from your wedding cinematographer.

At Marry Me Movies, we use the same cameras used by television broadcasters and professional feature film creators. They are the most cutting-edge cameras in the wedding film industry. To top things off, we also have aerial drone cinematography cameras too!

As you can see, wedding photography and wedding cinematography are like two pieces of a puzzle. You can't have one without the other, and when you put them together, the picture is complete - you won't miss a memory.

If you've found your perfect wedding photographer, it's time to find your perfect wedding videographer / cinematographer. Find out why so many couples choose us, and then get in touch for an obligation-free chat. (We are booked in advance, but if your date is free, we'll be honoured to film your wedding). Live with memories, not regrets.

— The Marry Me Movies Team ♥