Wedding cinematography by Marry Me Movies. Relive the magic. Fall in love again and again

Wedding cinematography captures your wedding day in an artistic, candid documentary-style manner. It's not just a video, it's a wedding film… a spellbinding prequel to your yet-to-be life as a married couple, captured by a wedding cinematographer in premium, cinema-quality High Definition film.

A picture tells a thousand words, but moving pictures tell a million

Wedding photographs are important, but just as important is your wedding film. While a wedding photo captures a single, still snapshot of a moment, a wedding film captures many moments as they unfurl. For example, a photo may show the bridal party posing in front of a tree, but a wedding film candidly shows the story around the photograph. The laughter. The giggles. The chatter. The tears. The sound of the wind through the trees and the birds chirping their approval. It's more than just a visual feast, it's an experience. A sensation for all the senses.

Michelle Chambers // Facebook Review

It was a pleasure working with Marry Me Movies right from the very beginning until the end. They were extremely professional throughout, happily answered any and all questions, were quick to respond and of course produced the most amazing wedding highlights video! Our videographer had a lovely presence and captured beautiful, natural shots. Thank you for providing us with such a fantastic experience and stunning film we will treasure forever!

Not all wedding films are the same. In fact, some aren't films at all

We refer to ourselves as wedding videographers, because that's what most couples know people in our industry as. However, once we explain our offerings, couples realise we offer so much more than the average wedding videographer.

Wedding videography is about shooting a wedding. It's about seeing movement and recording it. It was popular in the 90's and some people still offer this type of service.

Wedding cinematography on the other hand is about capturing moments and memories in order to create a timeless, cinematic wedding film.

This means, rather than just ‘watching a video’, when you watch a Marry Me Movies film, you relive the moments and are transported back to your special day. You hear and experience the nerves, the fun, the emotions in cinematic brilliance.

Our wedding cinematography is about storytelling. That's why we take the time to learn your story

We offer a truly personalised and boutique service. A month before your wedding, we meet at our premises for a relaxed, friendly chat. During this time we want to get to know you, and hear your stories; that way we can create something uniquely inspiring that reflects who you both are. Our wedding films tell your story in a candid yet beautiful, visually striking way.

Amber Romero // Facebook Review

Having a videographer was a last minute decision for us, but thankfully we found the awesome guys at Marry Me Movies! Now, we couldn't imagine not having gorgeous video of the best day of our lives. Thank you to the team, from the bottom of our hearts, for creating such a gorgeous keepsake that we can't stop sharing with our families and friends!

See your wedding from a bird's eye view

We're also one of Australia's first wedding film teams to offer aerial drone cinematography, taken by our very own in-house licensed pilot. Imagine seeing your wedding from above. It's uplifting in more ways than one!

Watching your wedding film is like getting married all over again, without the nerves!

The actual wedding day is usually a busy, excited, nerve-wracking blur. But our cinematic wedding films allow you to relive the day, moment by moment, in the comfort of your own home. You'll see things you never saw on the day, and experience different emotions as well. Together, you can fill in the gaps about the day.

The beauty of our wedding film is that every time you watch it, you'll notice or experience something different; whether you watch it many times in the months after your wedding, or many times in the years or decades after your wedding.

Our background is film

We graduated from film school and have extensive experience in the wedding film industry, as well as the corporate film industry. Our equipment is state of the art and our editing skills are second to none. We thrive on the challenge of creating gorgeous, natural, and truly happy wedding films that you will both love; be it a beach wedding in the middle of summer or a wet wedding in winter (don't worry, it's good luck).

We can't wait to create the film of your dreams!

Each wedding we film is a true labour of love, and we'd be honoured to film yours. We love creating timeless pieces of history to stay with couples for a lifetime, and we're the most capable team to do it. Please get in touch for an obligation-free quote, and to check whether we're available on your wedding date.

Please remember, we will never share your private info with third-parties.