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Rebecca & Shaun

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Rebecca & Shaun

Date: 15th November, 2015

Location: Southern Highlands, NSW

Venue: Bendooley Estate

Wedding Videography / Cinematography in the Southern Highlands: Rebecca & Shaun

Wedding cinematography becomes a magical experience whenever we film couples in beautiful Berrima. This time we had the honour of capturing Rebecca & Shaun's wedding ceremony and reception at the stunning Bendooley Estate in the Southern Highlands.

Back story: A beautiful black parrot named Konka

Rebecca had sadly lost both her parents: her mother 10 years ago, and her father in late 2014. As an expert animal behaviourist, that’s why she asked one of her favourite feathered friends to walk her down the aisle instead, Konka - a stunning Red Tailed Black Cockatoo.

Wedding Preparations for the Bride & Groom

Rebecca and her bridal party savoured the joy of wedding preparations: getting dressed, having their makeup done and sharing stories. However, they weren't the only ones chatting. Konka carefully watched over the proceedings, chipping in periodically with his own screechy thoughts.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

While Shaun didn't have Konka to watch over him, he did have his groomsmen. They all made sure he was happily hydrated and suitably prepared.

Looking like a young Eric Bana, he was ready!

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

Before the Wedding Ceremony

Before walking down the aisle, Rebecca had a quiet moment with Konka. Preened perfectly in his black suit, Konka was calm and ready for the task ahead. The significance of the moment was not lost on either of them.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

Konka and Rebecca were ready for a new chapter to take flight.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

Wedding Ceremony

As you can imagine, the sight of Rebecca being walked down the aisle by Konka on her arm took everyone's breath away, not least of all Shaun's. And just as a father would pass his daughter to her husband-to-be, Konka symbolically hopped onto Shaun's arm, before relaxing happily on his perch.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

The ceremony went beautifully. When it was time to kiss the bride, Konka screeched with joy. His noise was so loud, Shaun actually turned to him and said, “We can kiss now?!”

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

And they did, with Konka's full blessing.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

After the ceremony, Rebecca and Shaun savoured the well wishes from their guests, while Konka ate or relaxed to the beautiful sounds of the wedding ceremony/reception band, Something Borrowed.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

Fun and Frivolity

Rebecca and Shaun share an endless sense of fun. As wedding videographers, this makes the task of capturing their story so easy and enjoyable! And their wedding planner, Jason Kates of Love 2 Love felt the same way about working with them.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

Wedding Reception at Bendooley Estate

We've filmed a few wedding videos at Bendooley Estate in the Southern Highlands. This venue always seems to exude an earthy warmth, with flames flickering in the background and books beckoning in the foreground. It's a place where Rebecca and Shaun's guests laughed, chatted, reminisced, danced, and of course, listened to some beautiful speeches.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

Her voice breaking, Rebecca's sister said in her speech: “I know that mum and dad would be here in spirit, and would be proud of the amazing young lady you turned out to be.”

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

Shaun's speech was also moving, as you can see from Rebecca's expression, below. “The first thing I remember about Bec's dad is that he had one hell of a handshake. I remember when I asked for his blessing… he was over the moon. He was so excited, he really struggled to keep himself contained. I promised that I'd always take care of Bec and that she'd never lack for anything. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.”

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

The tears very soon turned into laughter as everyone got onto the dance floor. The sounds of Something Borrowed created a room full of something amazing!

Wedding cinematography allows us to capture beautiful, symbolic images. This one really sums up the relationship between Rebecca and Shaun, their love so deep and powerful that their hearts are literally glowing.

Rebecca & Shaun's Wedding

From all of us at Marry Me Movies, we wish Rebecca and Shaun all the best for their future. May all their guests (in person and in spirit) be by their side for the next exciting chapter.

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