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Naomi & Duncan

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Naomi & Duncan

Date: 6th February, 2016

Location: Sydney, NSW

Venue: Crystal Ballroom at Luna Park

Wedding Videography / Cinematography in Sydney: Naomi & Duncan

As wedding videographers in Sydney, we're fortunate to capture the love story of happy couples in front of iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney's Opera House and Sydney's Luna Park. Of course, none of these landmarks are as breathtaking as the happy couple.

Beauty. It's a family thing.

Naomi is one of three daughters from Sue Ismiel & Daughters fame. You've likely heard the story? Over 20 years ago, Sue worked tirelessly to create a natural, hair removal product for her daughters … fast forward to today, and Nads is a global brand with several much-loved products.

Naomi's Preparations

Bridal preparations

Naomi and family enjoyed laughter and good times as they had their hair and make-up done. Wedding day preparations generally run to a tight schedule, but as you can see, there was always time for a cuddle with the littlest members of the bridal party.

Naomi's Preparations Naomi's Preparations

Groomsmen preparations

Dunkan's Preparations

It was a delight witnessing the bond between Duncan and his groomsmen. Together they clinked beer bottles, shared laughs, hugged heartily and reassured calmly. After helping Duncan with his tie and jacket, his best man gave one reassuring word of appraisal: “Perfect”.

Dunkan's Preparations

Wedding videography at Lavender Bay for Naomi and Duncan's ceremony

At Clark Park in Lavender Bay, parents and guests chatted and mingled as they waited for the bridal party to make their spectacular entrance. All this happened under the still, steely gaze of the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Before Ceremony Before Ceremony Before Ceremony Before Ceremony

Weddings are the culmination of months of hard work, planning and anticipation, so it's normal that heartfelt feelings unfurl at the ceremony. It was no different for Naomi and Duncan, who were at times overcome with emotion.

The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony

When it was time to kiss the bride, the celebrant wondered whether Duncan and Naomi had actually kissed at all, given it happened so quickly! He encouraged them to seal the deal again.

Kiss one…

The Ceremony

Kiss two…

The Ceremony

The second part of their wedding ceremony was conducted by an Assyrian Bishop, Mr Mari, who blessed their marriage and read traditional prayers in Aramaic – the ancient language of Jesus.

The Ceremony The Ceremony

Wedding cinematography at Sydney's Luna Park for Naomi & Duncan's reception

The Assyrian traditions continued at Luna Park's Crystal Ballroom, where traditional Assyrian entertainers brought in the bride and groom with dancing, drums and horns. It's all about a grand entrance, and grand it definitely was!

Reception Reception Reception Reception

When it was time for speeches, Sue Ismiel addressed the room.


“According to tradition, the mother of the bride is not expected to give a wedding speech. But then again, according to tradition, neither is the groom expected to cry in his own wedding. Naomi's real beauty comes from within. She's an amazing person. She's kind, caring and compassionate and she's full of love. And as Mitchell says, she is selfless not selfish. She's quite a character and I think you know that by now. Duncan, I don't need to teach you a thing or two about her. When she sets her mind on achieving something, she'll get it.”

Duncan delivered his own speech with a gentle quiver in his voice. To his wife, he said: “Thank you for organising the wedding, dealing with the stresses of the past few months so well. I'm sure life will throw us many hardships but together we're strong.”

At this point, overcome with emotion, he looked up to the ceiling, willing himself to continue. Guests affectionately yelled out, “You can do it, Duncan”.


And he did.

“I can't wait to experience the ups and downs and many adventures, I promise we will have. I love you.”


After the speeches, there were the traditional wedding moments of cake cutting, dancing and endless fun.

Reception Reception

Wedding videography and cinematography in Sydney

Whether you're a Sydneysider or using Sydney as the location for your destination wedding, we love offering our wedding videography and cinematography services in this exquisite city. The iconic landmarks are the perfect backdrop for a perfect day, adding character and colour to an already momentous occasion. Here are just a few still images from the film we created for Naomi and Duncan.

Sydney's Harbour Bridge, the perfect backdrop for wedding cinematography.

Wedding Cinematography

Sydney's Luna Park offers fun wedding videography moments.

Wedding Cinematography Wedding Cinematography Wedding Cinematography

Sydney's Opera House is ideal for quiet, heartfelt moments.

Wedding Cinematography Wedding Cinematography

And let's not forget Sydney wedding videography at night, which allows us to capture bewitching scenes and captivating colours.

Wedding Cinematography

Our wedding cinematography can also include striking timelapse photography.

Wedding Cinematography

Whether you're in Sydney, in another state, or another country, we can capture your love story.

Although we are the Sydney wedding videographer and cinematographer specialists, we can capture love stories anywhere in the world. This is one of many reasons why excited couples choose us.

If you'd like a wedding film from Marry Me Movies, please get in touch at your earliest convenience for a friendly, obligation-free chat.

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