Liu + Hang

Film Details

Date: 2 October 2016

Location: Adelaide, SA

Venue: Maximilian's Restaurant

Wedding Videography in Adelaide: Liu & Hang

As wedding videographers in Adelaide, we have the great honour of filming couples in a vast array of glorious sceneries, from the cosmopolitan city to the rolling hills. It was in these very hills that Liu and Hang exchanged their vows – at the renowned Maximilian’s Restaurant, nestled deep within the vineyards.

An unusual bridal party member

Every bridal party is made up of a mix of wonderful people with unique personalities. Every now and then though, we meet a bridal party member who almost steals the limelight from the bride and groom! In this case, the bridal party member was a beautiful German Shepherd who loyally and dutifully served as the “Best Dog”. And she indeed was the best dog at being the best dog! Decked out in the same shade of dress as the bridesmaids, she was one elegant canine!

This is where wedding videography is truly priceless. While photographs can capture still moments, only wedding films can capture the laughter, conversations and barks on the day!

Bridal preparations

There was a lot of laughter as Liu prepared for her big day. She wore her dress and smile with elegance and joy.

Groomsmen preparations

Hang also enjoyed receiving help from his groomsman. As he pensively looked out the window, the future was looking bright and promising.

Wedding ceremony

Like a fairytale princess, Liu arrived at the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage.

As Liu walked down the aisle, followed by her delighted bridesmaids, Hang was speechless.

Hang couldn’t hold back the tears as he said his wedding vows: “Looking back 12 years, the first time we met, the good things and challenges we’ve been through, all lead to today, this very moment. I feel so lucky to have you along the journey. You have been my lover, my best friend and my teacher. You have made me a better person. You are my true counterpart.”

His counterpart, Liu, responded with an equally heartfelt message: “You to me are like the moonlight. Gentle, kind and soft. In the dark night you always brought me dreams and light my world. And you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. So I promise you, you should never walk alone in this world, from this moment forward. And my love will be your home.”

By having a professional wedding film, Liu and Hang can take great delight in reliving the emotions of their wedding day, forever. They can show others the special moments, and one day, even their possible future children.

When it was time to kiss the bride, Hang’s tears were replaced with a joyous fist-pump. They were now husband and wife, and Adelaide certainly knew about it!

Wedding reception at Maximilian’s Restaurant

As with all wedding receptions, Liu and Hang’s wedding incorporated many traditional moments such as cutting the cake and dancing.

Being in the Adelaide Hills, nestled within a winery, it was fitting that there were lots of laughs over fine wine.

Wedding cinematography in Adelaide: Capturing the location

The Adelaide Hills is a stunning location for a wedding ceremony. As wedding cinematographers, we do more than just record events, we film our couple’s wedding day story. Part of that story is the location they’ve chosen to exchange vows, so we masterfully weave the backdrop into the tapestry of the day’s proceedings.

The still shots below show the brilliant Adelaide backdrops we were fortunate to incorporate into Liu and Hang’s wedding film. It’s little wonder that so many people from outside Australia choose Adelaide as a destination wedding.

Getting married in Adelaide? We’d love to film your wedding

If you’re located in Adelaide (or anywhere in Australia, or the world for that matter!), we can help turn your special day into moving memories you’ll cherish, relish and relive forever.

As in-demand wedding videographers, we are chosen by wonderful couples for many exciting reasons, not least of all because we love what we do!

We’d be honoured to film your wedding. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in touch for a friendly, obligation-free chat. Also, check out our five star reviews on Google and Facebook.

— The Marry Me Movies Team ♥

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