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Lauren & Brendan

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Lauren & Brendan

Date: 4th June, 2016

Location: Campbelltown, NSW

Venue: Rydges Hotel

Wedding Videography / Cinematography in Campbelltown, Sydney: Lauren & Brendan

Wedding videography in Sydney is truly the best gig! You see, Sydney might have some stunning, iconic backdrops, but it's also home to spectacular reception venues. Lauren & Brendan had both their wedding ceremony and reception at Rydges Hotel in Campbelltown, with the hotel providing a beautiful setting for their wonderful occasion.

Wedding Wedding

Bridal Preparations

Wearing a white housecoat with the word “Bride” on the back, there was no mistaking who was the lady of the moment! Lauren loved getting ready for her big day, taking time out to enjoy wine and laughter with her bridal party.

Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations

One priceless moment from many

Every wedding day is filled with priceless moments, but this particular magical moment started even before Lauren walked down the aisle.

Once Lauren had finished getting ready, she wanted to surprise her mum, who hadn't seen her yet. Her mum was facing the other direction, and when Lauren asked her to turn around, well, her reaction was absolutely priceless!

While the below still shots capture some of the emotion, they can never compare to watching the entire scene unfurl, which you can enjoy and experience by watching the film at the 1:52 mark.

That's one of the reasons why wedding videography is just as important as photographs. Photographs capture still moments, while cinematography captures entire scenes filled with movement, sounds and dialogue. In years to come, you won't necessarily remember the narrative around a photograph, but with a film, you can hear it and re-live it forever.

Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations

Groom preparations

Brendan had the delightful task of not only getting himself ready, but also, getting his and Lauren's son ready too!

Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations

Some family members wanted to be part of the action, but were happy to watch from outside.

Wedding Preparations

Darth Vader, of course, had unlimited access to the home.

Wedding Preparations

The groom's preparations were as fun and emotional as Lauren's.

Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations

Wedding ceremony

After many years together, it was time for Lauren to walk down the aisle. Brendan was delighted, as were the rest of the guests.

Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony

Wedding reception

The Wedding reception at Rydes was a celebration of a marriage, but also, the celebration of an already close and loving family. This could be seen as Lauren and Brandan shared their big day with the littlest member of their clan.

Wedding Reception Wedding Reception

Wedding speeches

While both Lauren and Brendan talked fondly and emotionally about their love for each other, they also jokingly made mention of the amount of time it took to get married!


“She's very very patient. We've been together for a while, and I discovered the limit of her patience. It's about nine years!”


“Ten years ago, if someone said I'd be standing here today, I probably would have said, ‘I hope it doesn't take this long!’”

Wedding Reception Wedding Reception Wedding Reception

Thank you Lauren & Brendan

Thank you Lauren and Brendan for letting us into your lives for a day. We loved capturing your wedding story, and we wish you continued love and happiness.

Wedding videography and cinematography in Sydney

Whether in a hotel, on the harbour or in a house, we absolutely love filming weddings in the beautiful city of Sydney, and indeed, any Australian city – or even the world!

We're excited that so many couples choose us. We're also thrilled that they leave delightful reviews for us on Google and Facebook.

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