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Kristen & Kris

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Kristen & Kris

Date: 2nd April, 2016

Location: Sydney, NSW

Venue: St. Michael's Golf Club

Wedding Videography / Cinematography in Sydney: Kristen & Kris

Being wedding videographers in Sydney is a tough gig, what with the beautiful weather and amazing backdrops! In this instance we had the pleasure of filming Kristen & Kris's wedding ceremony at the church within the Chevalier Resource Centre, followed by their wedding reception at St.Michael's Golf Club.

Wedding ceremony

The bridal party arrived at the church in an impressive cavalcade of Mercedes Benz. As Kristen alighted, her white gown shone and dazzled brighter than all the polished white Mercs put together.

Wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony

The couple said their vows and took part in the traditional components of their Catholic wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony

Once the ceremony was over, Kristen virtually danced down the aisle in joy, much to the delight of her new husband and happy guests. (This isn't the only time Kristen's walk transformed into a dance, as you'll soon see.)

Wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony

Wedding reception

We dare say there's never been a groom's entrance at St.Michael's Golf Course reception venue quite like this one! An avid cyclist, Kris joyfully cycled through the doors, clearly thrilled to be winning the best event of his life.

Wedding reception

But where was his bride? Rest assured, he returned for a second entrance with his lovely wife. Rather than cycling into the venue, Kristen danced and twirled.

Wedding reception

Wedding speeches

During the wedding speeches, Kris related the quirky story of his proposal. As wine lovers, his intention was to propose in Adelaide at a beautiful vineyard. But every time he angled Kristen toward a vine, she'd move them along to the next vineyard (apparently Kristen loves her schedules!). “In the end we had to do a little impromptu one with the sunset on the side of a hill”, Kris recounted. “And that's where I proposed. So here we are before you sharing it all together. Thanks Babe and I love you”.

During her speech, Kristen decided to spill the beans: “All those who've seen me at cycling, you'll never see me again. The sham is over, I've got him now!” She professed her love for Kris too. “He's one of a kind and I feel blessed to have met him by chance … The moral of this story is don't go on a blind date with an oil rigger, miner or a soldier, or you'll end up like me, with a happy ending”.

Speaking of happy endings, the night ended with dancing, laughter and endless joy for everyone, especially Kristen and Kris, of course!

Wedding reception Wedding reception Wedding reception Wedding reception

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