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Hayley & Alex

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Hayley & Alex

Date: 14th November, 2015

Location: Mosman, NSW

Venue: Gunners Barracks

Wedding Cinematography / Videography in Sydney: Hayley & Alex

Sydney wedding videographers are a fortunate lot! We're humbled to capture the priceless love between two people, and we capture this love in the most beautiful cities, like Sydney. For Hayley and Alex, their ceremony and reception were held at the historic Gunners Barracks in Mosman.

Bridal Preparations

In Naremburn, the Most flowed amidst a waterfall of smiles and chatter as Hayley and her bridal party prepared for the big day.

Hayley's Preparations

After the preparations, Hayley descended the stairs amidst a flurry of oooh's and aaaaah's.

Bride is Ready

Her mother in particular beamed with pride!

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

The Ceremony

If the reaction was one of delight as Hayley walked down the stairs at home, it was one of awe from all guests as she walked down the wedding aisle at the Gunners Barracks in Mosman.

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

The person who was most dazzled by Hayley, was Alex – of course! (He was sporting lipstick on his cheek, which Hayley promptly and playfully removed)

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

She needn't have bothered, there was plenty more lipstick to come!

Hayley & Alex's Wedding Hayley & Alex's Wedding Hayley & Alex's Wedding

Although all umbrellas were out, the rain couldn't wash away the joy and excitement.

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

Wedding Reception

Hayley and Alex entered the Gunners Barracks as man and wife amidst a burst of cheers from family and friends.

Hayley & Alex's Wedding Hayley & Alex's Wedding

Their Sydney reception included all the traditional elements of many weddings, starting with the speeches.

The father of the bride's speech included the story of Alex's proposal: “When Alex asked to meet me for a drink, I guess, it was time … about time! After several drinks, Alex finally asked me for permission to marry Hayley. Having said ‘yes’, it was then that Alex went on to describe the plans for the proposal. This involved a helicopter flight to a picnic high on top of a mountain in Queensland, New Zealand. What had I just agreed to for my lovely daughter?! It all went well, so it's all good. In conclusion, no father of the bride speech can be complete without mentioning my beautiful daughter, Janet and I have …”. At that point, his voice trembled, and the guests erupted into a chorus of ‘Awwww’.

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

As wedding videographers, we capture every priceless moment, like the bride and groom cutting the cake…

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

Taking their first dance…

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

The groom removing the bride's garter…

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

Then throwing it!

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

The bride flinging her flowers…

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

The beauty of these traditional wedding moments is that they're moving – literally and figuratively. A wedding is a sequence of moments as opposed to isolated snapshots in time, which is why wedding videos are as vital as photographs. Wedding films capture the laughter, cheers and tears … the sounds, sights, actions and reactions that can so easily be forgotten with the passing of time.

Wedding cinematography also captures the quiet, non-traditional moments. It tells every angle of a story…

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

A love story!

Hayley & Alex's Wedding

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