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Elisha & Matt

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Film Details

Couple: Elisha & Matt

Date: 10th October, 2015

Location: Jamberoo, NSW

Wedding Videography / Cinematography in the NSW South Coast: Elisha & Matt

Wedding videography in Jamberoo is something special, especially for Elisha and Matt's wedding. It was filled with sumptuous contrasts, such as the old world charm of a horse and carriage, and the new world fun of surfing in the ocean.

Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding

Bridal Preparations

It's not customary for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony, but there aren't any rules about the groom writing a heartfelt note to his bride-to-be! Sitting on the bed in her bridal gown, Elisha read the poignant, hand-written note from Matt.

We captured her joy and tears as she read the note out loud.

This is the true joy of wedding videography. While Elisha will always have the note as a priceless keepsake, without the wedding video, Matt would never see her reaction; and in years to come, Elisha would never be able to relive her initial raw emotion.

In this way, the wedding video is as priceless a keepsake as the note itself. It's something to share with family and friends, and maybe one day with their children. Unlike photography, wedding cinematography captures the story behind the stills. The moving magic behind every moment.

Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding

Groomsmen Preparations

A relaxed Matt and his groomsmen seized the glorious South Coast day by catching some waves in the ocean. (Wedding videography in stunning Jamberoo is hard work, but someone has to do it!)

Elisha & Matt Wedding

They had just as much fun when it was time to get ready. Matt's friends ‘helped’ him get ready, at one point adjusting his collar too tight! The preparations ended with jokes, fun and a clink of beer bottles.

Elisha & Matt Wedding

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are beautiful events that bring simmering emotions of love and anticipation to the surface. Elisha and Matt's wedding, at St. Matthews Catholic Church in Jamberoo, was no different.

Elisha & Matt Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

The reception was held at Elisha's parent's home in Jamberoo. Both Elisha and Matt arrived in the regal horse-drawn carriage.

Elisha and Matt both made speeches on the night, talking directly to each other about their love, their lives, their hopes and dreams. The emotion they both shared while making their speeches rippled through the room of guests, many of whom smiled as they blinked away tears.

Elisha: “The day you asked me to marry you, you made me the happiest girl alive. You just complete me in so many ways.”

Matt: “We've grown together, laughed together, cried together. Now we can continue to flourish together into the future.”

Perhaps Elisha's brother summed up the night perfectly in his speech: “This is a celebration of love. The love that we all have for Elisha and Matt, but most of all, the love that we have collectively. So share this life. It's not a rehearsal … Let's make tonight the best night we can actually have.”

And they did.

The height of happiness

Elisha & Matt Wedding

Elisha and Matt opted for a wedding videography package with aerial drone cinematography, which, given the stunning location, was a brilliant choice.

Aerial drone cinematography offers a never-before-seen outlook. Below, we compare both views, one from the ground and one from up high. Each has its own character and flavour. Together they create a complete, stunning picture.

Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding Elisha & Matt Wedding

Can we offer you a spectacular view too?

Whether you want a view from the ground or the sky, we'd love to capture your special day. Couples choose us for a number of reasons. To find out more, please contact us for a friendly, obligation-free chat. (Courtesy note: We are humbled to be booked out in advance. To avoid disappointment about your date, please call or email us at your earliest convenience.)

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