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Courtney & Michael-Jon

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Courtney & Michael-Jon

Date: 8th May, 2016

Location: Sydney, NSW

Venue: Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Wedding Videography / Cinematography in Watsons Bay, Sydney: Courtney & Michael-Jon

Wedding videography in Sydney is an exciting affair. For this wedding, we started in the warmth of a family home, then moved to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wahroonga to film the wedding ceremony. Afterwards, we went to beautiful Watsons Bay Hotel to capture the wedding reception. It was quite an amazing day!

Wedding Preparations

Bridal Preparations

One of the joys of filming bridal preparations is not just seeing the bride prepare (which of course is lovely!), but also, seeing how everyone else assists and/or simply admires her. This was especially the case for Courtney, who had many loving people helping her, and many fans watching on in wonder!

Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations Wedding Preparations

Wedding ceremony

Michael-Jon waited with excitement for Courtney to walk down the aisle.

(As wedding cinematographers, we like to take footage from different perspectives and angles. Below, you'll see the view that was to greet Courtney when she walked down the aisle.)

Wedding Ceremony

But before Courtney could walk down the aisle, it was time for her bridal party to make their entrance.

One member joyfully thought the aisle was a 100 metre race track! As you can see, he won (everyone's hearts!).

Wedding Ceremony

Another member of the bridal party needed just a little bit of coaxing…

Wedding Ceremony

While another again thought she'd hitch a ride on one of the bridesmaids!

Wedding Ceremony

When it was time for Courtney to make her grand entrance, this was the lovely sight that greeted Michael-Jon.

Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony

After being dazzled by his wife, it was time to enjoy the ceremony.

The whole ceremony was delightful, with the vows being especially poignant. Courtney and Michael-Jon pledged their love for each other in front of their family, friends and the eyes of God.

Wedding Ceremony

With the large organ pipes as the beautiful backdrop, Courtney and Michael-Jon had their first kiss as husband and wife, much to the delight of their applauding guests.

Wedding Ceremony

They looked most happy as they walked down the aisle as a married couple.

Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony it was time for family shots…

After Wedding Ceremony After Wedding Ceremony

Followed by bridal party photographs.

As wedding cinematographers, we like to stitch the wedding location into the fabric of the day, providing scenic context for particular moments. When the location is Watsons Bay, the waterfront backdrop makes all moments stunningly scenic!

After Wedding Ceremony After Wedding Ceremony

Wedding reception

If the round of applause was hearty when Courtney and Michael-Jon sealed their marriage with a kiss, it was even louder when they walked through the doors of the Watsons Bay Hotel reception venue as husband and wife.

The mood in the reception venue was all excitement and warmth. Plus, with exquisite views of Sydney Harbour and the twinkle and dazzle of outdoor lights, the interior of the Watsons Bay hotel oozed with a magical, seaside ambience.

Wedding Reception

Courtney and Michael-Jon enjoyed all the traditional elements of their wedding reception, even when they couldn't quite get the knife through the cake!

Wedding Reception

They had no trouble dancing up a storm though!

Wedding Reception

And neither did the guests.

Wedding Reception

During the speeches, Courtney relished the thought of marrying her best friend: “My love, I'm so lucky to call you mine. Today I truly married my best friend. I love you … the person you'll grow to be, and the team that we are together. With you, all of my dreams have come true”.

Michael-Jon reiterated Courtney's thoughts about being best friends, and also threw in a joke: “You're the only person I know who likes Guy Sebastian and the Kardashians but doesn't like dogs! Courtney you're my best friend, and I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with you”.

Wedding Reception

Thank you Courtney & Michael-Jon

A very special thanks to Courtney & Michael-Jon for giving us the great honour of capturing their wedding day love story. We wish you eternal happiness!

Wedding videography and cinematography in Sydney that tells a story

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