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Christina & James

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Christina & James

Date: 25th October, 2015

Location: Sydney, NSW

Wedding Cinematography / Videography in Sydney, NSW: Christina & James

As wedding cinematographers, we love filming in the heart of Sydney. It gives us the opportunity to capture happy couples in front of the stunning backdrop of Australia's most iconic landmarks. Christina and James's wedding provided just that amazing opportunity.

Wedding Ceremony

Christina & James Wedding Ceremony

The Sydney sun filtered through the stencilling of the famous, majestic organ in St. Augustine's church; melting the hearts of all who were there to witness the marriage of Christina and James.

No smile could be warmer than James's though, as he watched Christina walk down the aisle with her proud father. After a beautiful ceremony, watched on by family and friends, they became man and wife.

Christina & James Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception: Sydney Pier One Sydney Harbour

The bridal party and happy couple literally bounded into the wedding venue. The reception was filled with laughter, moving speeches, hilarious anecdotes and exuberant dancing.

Christina & James Wedding Reception Christina & James Wedding Reception Christina & James Wedding Reception

The best man's speech had everyone in raptures: “I'm James's friend, his hero, his carer for some 20 years. He's always looked up at me as the older brother he never had. And I always looked down upon him as the little brother I never wanted.”

Christina & James Wedding Reception

In years to come, couples may remember the feelings they experienced when listening to the speeches, but won't remember the exact words. This is where wedding videography is so important. It's a timeless keepsake.

Little details are captured for eternity

Couples (especially brides-to-be!) spend months/years planning their wedding. They plan every detail, ensuring every facet of their wedding is perfect. When the big day arrives, the couple are in heaven, but the day is a blur. There's barely time to stop and admire all the perfect, little details. That's another reason why wedding videography is priceless.

As wedding cinematographers, we don't just point and shoot, we capture the finer details of the day in an artistic and filmic way. In this case, Christina and James can look back and see…

Tables set for kings and queens.

Christina & James Wedding Reception

Centrepieces that are the centre of attention.

Christina & James Wedding Reception

Mouth-watering cuisine.

Christina & James Wedding Reception

Sydney in all her shining glory.

Christina & James Wedding Reception Christina & James Wedding Reception Christina & James Wedding Reception

We work well with wedding photographers

Unlike old-school wedding videographers, we have an exceptional relationship with wedding photographers. We respect each other, which means both parties capture the best photos and film possible.

As you can see in the image below, the wedding photographer is close to the couple, while we are standing further way, capturing the scenic moment. No matter where we stand, we can zoom in or out, depending on our needs. Being Sydney wedding videographers is a lot of fun, there's a lot of magic to capture!

Christina & James Wedding

Wedding Destination Cinematography

Couples from around the world choose Australia as their wedding location. As locals, we're fortunate to have such splendour in our own backyard.

Pier One Sydney is a premier wedding destination cinematography venue due to the stunning background of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Of course, as visually brilliant as these landmarks are, they are always out-sparkled by the happy couple.

Christina & James Wedding Christina & James Wedding

From all of us at Marry Me Movies, we wish Christina and James a splendid life together, one that started on the beautiful Sydney harbour. Thank you for asking us to capture priceless moments of your priceless day.

Wedding Ceremony

As you've read, we love taking wedding videos, and we're humbled that so many couples choose us to take them. We'd love it if you chose us too! Please get in touch for a friendly, obligation-free chat. (Courtesy note: We are generally booked out in advance. To avoid disappointment please contact us at your earliest convenience.)

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