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Brittany & Myles

Premium Wedding Highlight Film

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Film Details

Couple: Brittany & Myles

Date: 3rd October, 2015

Location: Bowral, NSW

Venue: Peppers Craigieburn

Wedding Cinematography / Videography in Bowral, NSW: Brittany & Myles

Wedding videography in Bowral is always a sumptuous treat. The Southern Highlands mixes old world splendour with modern beauty, a perfect mix for Brittany & Myles who had their wedding ceremony and reception at Peppers Craigieburn.

Wedding Ceremony

Brittany & Dad Walking Down the Aisle

With cameras ready, guests (and the groom especially!) watched in delight as Brittany walked onto the spectacular Bowral Craigieburn lawns in a flowing, off-the-shoulder gown.

During the vows Brittany and Myles shared a laugh, and thanks to the wedding video, they'll always be able to see/hear exactly what they found so amusing. When Brittany was asked if she accepts the ring as a symbol of her constant love to Myles, she wasn't entirely sure the exact wording of her reply: “I do. Is it ‘I do’? I'm not sure. I DO, yes! I DO.”

And she did.

Brittany & Myles Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

In the rustically regal interior of the Craigieburn wedding venue, joy and laughter flowed as freely as the food and wine. Candlelight spun its glow around the earthy wooden chairs, tables and pylons, but no one glowed quite as brightly as Brittany.

In the speeches, both fathers emphasised how Brittany and Myles were suited perfectly. Brittany's father shared a particular memory: “I specifically remember Britt coming home and telling me “Milo declared that ‘one day I'm going to marry you’, and true to his word, he has. And after a few years, we always knew that Britt and Myles were destined for each other … They are the perfect match.” At this point, Brittany's dad looked at Myles and said, “Don't look at me like that, I'm going to cry!”

Myles's brother agreed, but on a slightly different note, he also pointed out one trait he'd picked up from his brother: “Distinct inhibition when it comes to dancing”.

In the wedding film, we can see this quite clearly!

Wedding photography can capture wonderful stills, but wedding video captures spectacular scenes that can never be recreated. We certainly enjoyed capturing the wild and free spirit of happiness and love at Brittany and Myles's wedding!

Brittany & Myles Wedding Reception Brittany & Myles Wedding Reception

A bird's eye view – Aerial drone cinematography in Bowral

Given the lush and exquisite expanse of Peppers Craigieburn in Bowral, it was wonderful that Brittany and Myles opted for a wedding videography package with aerial drone cinematography; it gave them a spectacular view of the day that they'd normally never see.

Brittany & Myles Wedding

Timelapse Cinematography

Brittany & Myles Wedding

As darkness yawned over the sunlight, we captured with timelapse cinematography the majestic tree that Brittany & Myles were married under and the star-speckled night sky behind it. It was a glorious end to a spectacular day, and we thank Brittany and Myles for giving us the honour of capturing every wedding day moment with them.

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