Amber + Rick

Film Details

Date: 3 December 2016

Location: Camden, NSW

Venue: Belgenny Farm

Wedding videography / cinematography in Belgenny Farm, Camden: Amber & Rick

Being a wedding videographer in Camden means enjoying the delights of stunning reception venues such as Belgenny Farm. Amber and Rick chose Belgenny Farm for its relaxed, country feel. We love these qualities too, but as wedding cinematographers, we also love the location for its stunning backdrops, which includes high-grassed fields that sway in the sunlight and glow at sunset.

Wedding ceremony

The high school sweethearts were so absorbed in each other during the wedding ceremony, they felt like they were the only ones at Belgenny Farm…

But of course there were other people there too, including three flower girls (their three grandmothers!), an elated bridal party and many happy guests. (Not to mention a very lucky photographer and cinematographer!)

Rick’s favourite part of the ceremony was when Amber did a curtsy-like dip at the end of the aisle.

Amber’s favourite moment was seeing Rick waiting at the end of the aisle. He was finally getting a glimpse of the dress she’d been dying to talk about.

Wedding reception

While Amber and Rick loved the speeches, cutting the cake, dancing and mingling with guests; they also thoroughly enjoyed the videography and photography session prior to the reception. Belgenny Farm offers fields of opportunities for wedding videography – literally!

Working as a team to get spectacular footage of priceless moments

Our videographer and the couple’s photographer took turns climbing on each other’s shoulders to get beautiful photos/footage of Amber and Rick in the grass. (This is one of Amber and Rick’s favourite videography memories, so we’re glad we went the extra mile to get it!)

We thoroughly enjoyed teaming up with the couple’s photographer to capture priceless moments on the day. We’re an easy-going, friendly bunch who enjoy working with everyone.

Documentary-style filming by experienced television videographers

Our style of wedding films is quite different. Rather than simply pointing and shooting at movement, we tell a story in a documentary-style way so that couples have a cinematic wedding film, rather than just a simple recording. And it’s not just the story of the big day we film either, it’s the stories that lead up to it.

In this case, Rick’s wedding proposal was creative, meticulous and completely unique, so we simply had to feature a glimpse of it in the wedding film.

Rick proposed by organising a talented artist, Nic Lawson, to illustrate a 20+ page comic book story about their relationship. They were engaged in January, and Rick had been planning the surprise since May the previous year! Rick presented the comic book to Amber at her favourite bridge in the Blue Mountains, which he’d covered in roses and candles.

By threading together past stories, current musings and future hopes, the wedding film tells a full and rich story. In Amber and Rick’s case, we featured their love of comics, which put Amber’s unique garter into fabulous context!

Thank you!

Thank you Amber and Rick for giving us the honour of filming your wedding at Belgenny Farm in Camden.

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