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Same Sex Wedding Videography

Same sex wedding videography by Marry Me Movies is anything but ‘same’. It’s anything but cookie cutter. It’s anything but every day. Your wedding video will be the most fabulous film you’ve seen in your life, starring the two most stunning, in-love people on the planet.

A spellbinding film to captivate, cherish and impress.

While we refer to ourselves as wedding videographers, we’re really wedding cinematographers. As wedding cinematographers, we’ve graduated from film school and have worked with major Australian broadcasters. We create spellbinding wedding films that are layered with exquisite cinematic imagery and documentary-style storytelling. When you hire us, you become the proud owners of the highest quality wedding film in the industry, shot with state-of-the-art motion picture cameras.

Your wedding film won’t just ‘wow’ you, it will impress every single person who views it!

We document your story. The most priceless and precious story of all.

We appreciate your journey. We recognise the long and winding road you’ve travelled and the beautiful path you’re walking now, together, as a soon-to-be married couple.

We understand that you probably don’t view your wedding as ‘same sex’, or as a ‘commitment ceremony’ or as a ‘civil union’.

It’s just a wedding, plain and simple.

(Oh, and the only reason we keep referring to your wedding as ‘same sex’ is so that you’ll actually find us online. It’s a Google thing! Sorry, but we sometimes have to repeat the term.)

Every wedding is different. We’ll work with you, whatever your preference.

  • You may want a large and lavish wedding or perhaps something small and intimate, with just a handful of family and friends.
  • You may want to walk down the aisle together, or perhaps have a family member walk you down.
  • You may want your reception in a large historic venue, or somewhere more intimate like a restaurant or home.
  • You may have a wonderful friend or family member officiate your wedding, or maybe an awesome celebrant.
  • You may want all the traditional elements of a wedding, or perhaps you want to create your own, fabulous traditions.
  • You may want things we’ve never come across before. Rest assured, we’re here to listen and embrace your ideas warmly.

That’s you. This is us.

Gino Pompeo // Facebook Review

Thank you so much for our amazing proposal video , thank you for being apart of our special moment.

Why you might like to choose Marry Me Movies as your same sex wedding videographers

In a nutshell, it comes down to peace of mind. With Marry Me Movies you’ll have loads of it.

  • You only have one chance to get it right, trust in experience.

    When it comes to wedding videography there’s only one chance to have the key moments of your ceremony and reception recorded beautifully and masterfully.

    If you’re looking for experience, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We’ve filmed documentaries for National Geographic, worked as news cameramen for channels 9 & 7, filmed music videos featuring singers such as Ed Sheeran, and had our work featured on Foxtel, SBS, Channel V, The Voice and in Brides Magazine. Experience? Yes, we have just a bit!

  • You’ll be hiring in-demand wedding videographers who are loved by many wonderful couples. (BTW, we love them too!)

    We’re in demand because we’re trusted by beautiful couples, Australia-wide, who consistently refer us to their friends, family and colleagues. Read their testimonials.

    (While we’re often booked out in advance, we do have random free dates, so it’s worthwhile getting in touch. We pull out all the stops to try and work with you, always respecting the first-come-first-serve rule of course. Once you book us, you’ve got us.)

  • Feel safe. We can offer confidentiality and security.

    We do not outsource the editing of your wedding film to overseas suppliers. End of story. All our editing is done in-house, which means your identity and personal details are totally protected and secure.

    Unlike many worldwide wedding videographers and wedding cinematographers, we don’t outsource any of our video work to India or China, which is the inexpensive, popular destination for outsourced editing. We choose to have complete control over who sees and works on your images and footage, which is why we do all the film editing ourselves.

  • So many other reasons!
    • Candid wedding cinematography

      Your love isn’t staged, neither is our filming. We’ll keep it candid.

    • Stunning aerial-drone cinematography

      View your wedding from unique, dazzling heights. Aerial cinematography of your special day will be a sight to behold.

    • Personalised attention

      We are a small group of committed, experienced professionals who provide customised wedding cinematography services. We get to know you, really get to know you, which means you'll feel completely comfortable having us at your event. Our service is totally personalised. As far as we're concerned it's as though you're our only customer for the year.

    • We’re passionate perfectionists

      When you hire us as your wedding cinematographers, you invest in passion. We love filming weddings. We love our couples. We pour every ounce of our creativity and energy into creating the most spectacular wedding video possible.

    • Quick response times

      If you have a question, you naturally want it answered, fast. You’re our top priority and we’ll either talk to you immediately or get back to you ASAP. You’ll love dealing with us because we're a friendly, relaxed, professional team.

    • Tremendous time-lapse

      Time-lapse photography is usually seen on nature documentaries, yet we bring the beauty of this state-of-the-art cinematic feature into your wedding film. Time-lapse photography allows a scene to change and unfurl in the most exquisite way possible. It’s a unique and impressive addition to any wedding film.

    • We’re members of important industry associations

      Being members of the Australian Cinematographers Society means we are at the cutting edge of the latest equipment, information and resources. You’ll always receive the most superior, innovative service from us. Technology moves fast. So do we.

    • Seamless and easy process

      The hardest part of our process is waiting to find out whether we’re available to film on your wedding day. If we are, it’s smooth sailing from there!

    • We’ll have a perfect partnership with your photographer

      We really enjoy working with photographers, maybe partly because most of us came from photography backgrounds in the first place. We understand exactly what your photographer needs and we’re able to collaborate flawlessly with them so you receive the best images and film possible.

    • A range of packages to suit all budgets

      We have wedding cinematography packages to suit most budgets because we want to bring as many love stories to life as possible.

    • We like to give back. Social responsibility is important to us.

      We feel strongly about preserving our beautiful planet, the same one that’s afforded us many stunning photographs and breathtaking footage. We donate a percentage of every wedding cinematography package to the World Wildlife Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions about same sex wedding videography and cinematography

Do you offer gay and lesbian wedding videography in cities other than Sydney?
Yes, definitely! We offer same sex wedding videography all over Australia, with no travel costs for many popular locations.
Do you offer Same Sex Wedding videography at overseas locations?
Absolutely! Check out our information on destination weddings.
We’ve left our planning a bit late and need a last minute wedding videographer. Should we bother getting in touch?
Yes, it’s always worthwhile getting in touch with us because we sometimes have random dates free or sometimes there are cancellations. We don’t charge extra for last minute wedding videography bookings, so there’s no reason not to try your luck!
I keep reading about wedding highlight films on your website. What are they?
A wedding highlight film is basically all the most sumptuous moments from your wedding day, edited together in your very own exquisite wedding movie. It’s perfect for a quick fix when you and your family/friends don’t have time to watch your longer wedding film.
How much actual coverage of our wedding will we receive?
We can take as much footage as you like, starting early and finishing late. Simply choose a package that meets all your wedding coverage requirements.
Can we get all the unedited footage from the film?
Yes, all the raw, unedited footage is included in all the packages. You can enjoy hours of unedited viewing fun!
How long will it take to receive our wedding film?
For most wedding videos it’s approximately 2-3 months.
You say ‘same sex wedding videography’ and ‘gay and lesbian wedding videography’. Are you LGBTQIA-friendly?
Yes, absolutely! We embrace everyone in the LGBTQIA community. For the purpose of this page we’ve used the term ‘same sex’ and ‘gay and lesbian’ but we love working with all couples from the LGBTQIA community.

Got any more questions about our wedding videography services? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

— The Marry Me Movies Team ♥