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Aerial Drone Cinematography

Aerial Drone Cinematography for wedding films: a spectacular and unique bird’s eye view of your wedding day

With Aerial Drone Cinematography, wedding videography is taken to remarkable new heights. Imagine seeing parts of your wedding from way up in the sky.

  • See a stunning new side of your wedding story

    You’ll see your location, guests and event from angles and viewpoints you could only ever dream of.

  • Impress the pants off everyone who watches your wedding film

    You’ll impress every single person who watches your wedding film thanks to the addition of cinema-quality, movie-like aerial drone cinematography. The excitement will soar at movie night and/or when you send your movie link to friends and family. And don’t forget, your children will one day be mesmerised when viewing the sky-high view of your wedding.

  • Rise above the crowd. You’ll be doing something totally different

    Aerial Drone Cinematography is becoming increasingly popular, but it’s still new enough that it creates a ‘wow’ reaction, with most people thinking: “I didn’t even realise that was possible!”

Aerial Drone Cinematography with Marry Me Movies. Why choose us?

  • Safety is our top priority
  • Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of people on the ground.

  • Experienced pilots

    We have our own licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots, who have completed all their Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) training and have over 15 years’ experience.

  • Meticulous maintenance

    All UAV’s need to be constantly maintained to ensure supreme performance. Our maintenance is regular and meticulous, and all flights are logged as per standard aviation regulations.

  • Robust risk assessment

    We conduct a robust risk assessment prior to any flight, being particularly vigilant about the weather. If necessary, we will make appropriate changes to flight route and flight height, which will not have any impact on the quality or beauty of your wedding film.

Brilliant cinematographers

It’s one thing to have experienced and technically excellent pilots, but quite another to have ones who are also brilliant, creative cinematographers. Our pilots have a rich experience in television, film, documentaries and the corporate sector.

As one of them says: “Understanding what your camera can do is vitally important to get the ideal images from it. I filmed my first movie at eight years of age, using Super 8. I never looked back. I have had a camera in my hands ever since! I enjoy taking aerial film for couple’s weddings because it provides another side to the wedding day story, one a couple would never normally see. There’s something truly stunning seeing your wedding from above.”

Aerial drone cinematography offers a magical view of your wedding day. If you’d like to see an exciting, never-before-seen side of your wedding story, visit our wedding pricing page to view the wedding cinematography packages.

Find out why other couples choose us. And / or contact us to check if your wedding date is available. If it is, we’ll be honoured to film your special day.

— The Marry Me Movies Team ♥